new perellonet 

the future is now


Year: 2017

Type: Residential

Individual project

At the beginning of 2017 a group of visionaries, unhappy about the world they were forced to live in, decided to start a path towards a new way of life.

This ensemble settled in the outskirts of El Perellonet (Spain), within the degraded surroundings of abandoned greenhouses.

The spaces they inhabited were shaped by the flows of production of energy and waste minimization.

Thus, the synergist community thrived inside longitudinal elements similar to the vernacular greenhoues. This spaces were called OUTPUTS: the places where energy was consumed.

In order to obtain a sustainable balance of mass and energy production and consumption, their growth was equalized with energy towers, the system INPUTS, who provided clean water, energy and food to the community.

This community proposes a settling model based in a use redistribution that priorizes the sharing of common spaces. The first band of outputs covers the basic living needs and the second houses less necessary needs that are however more easy to share with your neighbor.

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